CEO: Jeffrey Wu

Jeffrey Wu, who majored in Control Engineer department and minored in Manager Science department, graduated from NCTU in 1997. Later Jeffrey got his master degree from NCTU Electrical Control Engineer department in 1999. The topic of his research is user interface design of Virtual Reality between robot and computer. After taking two-years military services(1999~2001), Jeffrey started his career as an IC designer. Jeffrey participated DVD/BD/TV/AP router product line in Mediatek and Ralink for more than ten years(2002~2013). Then Jeffrey transferred his career to Planning manager inRealtek for IOT product line. Besides planning and promoting low power WiFi solution, Jeffrey was also the primary contact of Realtek to Apple MFi. During two years (2013-2015) working, Realtek successfully entered Apple HomeKit ecosystem with low power WiFi solution: Ameba. Then Jeffrey joined a startup tech company Homepal in September 2015. Now he set up carkit-ai with his members for voice assistant in car.

Odyssey Huang

Odyssey is experienced in product design, hardware architecture and electrical circuit. He had participated several start-up companies and many successful IoT projects. He enjoys the job satisfaction when a new idea is accomplished or a new product carried out. Odyssey dedicated himself to electronics industry for 17 years as a engineer to a product manager. So he is not only our hardware expert but also an excellent cost control actuary.

E-mail: odyssey@carkit-ai.com

Benson Wang

Benson Wang is experienced Software engineer, Software Architecture and Software planning. He specialized in consumer electrical product design and combined with AI-based services to provide whole new experience to user.

Morgan Yeh

Morgan built most of his experience on semiconductor industry, especially in IC design, in Silicon Valley, Taiwan and Mainland China for 20 years, and expanded his interest to most of electrical high-tech segments. He is working on accelerating potential semiconductor start-ups by integrating different advantages in different countries.


Darren has a passion for all things tech and startups. Having founded and ran 2 startups in his previous life. The most recent was a dot com called Similan, a pan-Asian commerce venture owned by Lycos, QXL-Ricardo, Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation, Wearnes & Walden. Darren also spent a decade in product marketing in Apple and move on to become the Head of global product marketing for HTC. Before founding Similan, Darren was the head of marketing at Eutech, a global enterprise healthcare and process control software company. He also managed strategic accounts at JD Edwards, an IBM company. As one of the first technoprenuers in Singapore in the early 90s’, Darren is credited for developing the first web-based help desk system for Microsoft Foxpro that was sold to Ziff Davis. In his free time, Darren plays soccer, coaches tennis, box, rock climb & love running endlessly.