About Us

Having seen how the current smartphone has revolutionalized communications, media consumption and bringing people closer, we have also witnessed ironically our friends and family moving further apart. The oxymoron of our new social structure created from this revolution is mind-boggling and disruptive. Within the context of the new world we live in, some of our personal goals and values are to create products that bring people closer and build bridges with the ones we love.

We have been fortunate to have met like-minded experts who have an equal passion for change and building fun and crazy products that forge links between peoples and worlds. Music and sound is one of those agnostic categories that transcends barriers between people of all diversities.

We are thankful for everyone and their families who have given up and sacrificed too much to help us build these products which we love dearly. It would otherwise be impossible to design, prototype, test, build, rebuild, such a complex product in less than 12 months. It has been a small miracle for us.

Our Team

Jeffrey Wu


Jeffrey is a major engineering tech geek with an affinity for designing multimedia products for consumers. His career spans the entire product development from low-level IC design to planning for IOT products. As a planning lead manager for Realtek, he pioneered the company’s entry into the HomeKit ecosystem with a highly efficient wireless product called Ameba. Prior to Realtek, Jeffrey also worked in Mediatek and Ralink for a decade specialising in DVD/BD/V/AP router products.

His entire work experience and passion for creation, along with his knowledge of new consumer trends and the growth in next generation technology breakthroughs that is now leading the next industrial revolution inspired him to join a start-up high tech company called Homepal before realising his own calling to established an independent company with like-minded friends.

Jeffrey Wu, graduated from NCTU as a Control Engineer and obtained his master degree from NCTU as a Electrical Control Engineer. 

Eric Chung


Eric have been developing hardware and firmware for more than 30 years. He is in charge of not only HW and FW architectures, but also designing PCB, system verification, mass production and programming code in several languages (assembler, C, labview, etc.). He also join lots of electronic-consumer projects (mostly based on multimedia, IoT).

Benson Wang

Experienced Software engineer

Benson Wang is experienced Software engineer, Software Architecture and Software planning. He specialized in consumer electrical product design and combined with AI-based services to provide whole new experience to user.

Morgan Yeh


Morgan built most of his experience on semiconductor industry, especially in IC design, in Silicon Valley, Taiwan and Mainland China for 20 years, and expanded his interest to most of electrical high-tech segments. He is working on accelerating potential semiconductor start-ups by integrating different advantages in different countries.

Darren Sng


  • Darren has a passion for all things tech and start-ups, Darren founded and ran 2 start-ups in the past. One of those ventures was during the internet era with a company called Similan.com, a pan-Asian ecommerce venture owned by Lycos, QXL-Ricardo, Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation, Wearnes & Walden. 

  • Darren also spent a decade in product marketing in Apple and moved on to become the Head of Global Product Marketing for HTC. Before founding Similan.com, Darren was the Head of Marketing at Eutech, a global enterprise healthcare and process control software company. He also managed strategic sales accounts at JD Edwards, an IBM company. 

  • As one of the first technoprenuers in Singapore in the early 90s, Darren is credited for developing the first web-based help desk system for Microsoft Foxpro that was sold to Ziff Davis. In his free time, Darren plays soccer, coaches tennis, box, rock climb & loves running endlessly.